STELLAR 79 Co-Founders


STELLAR: “Relating to a star or stars”        79: “Atomic number for gold

Stellar 79 is a luxury British jewellery brand consciously created by us sisters Natasha and Sheena. Brought up and based in London’s diverse East London, and with a rich Mauritian-Trinidadian heritage, our mission is to create elevating, empowering, and expressive jewellery for our STELLAR 79 sisterhood. Our jewellery reflects our experience working within the luxury fashion and beauty industries, as well as our love of art, fashion, travel, astrology, and culture across the South Asian diaspora.

Representation is powerful and it means everything to us. We had a desire to wear jewellery which we could identify with, so we created STELLAR 79. A brand rooted in sisterhood where anyone who has ever felt overlooked by conventional representations of fashion and beauty, can be a part of our family, belong, and feel seen and empowered. Stellar 79 embraces diversity in all its beautiful forms.

Our love of gold was rooted from an early age from our mum and grandmothers. They used to adorn themselves daily with intricately detailed bold gold pieces, as a form of self-expression, with bangles jingling up their arms to nose rings, necklaces, earrings and anklets. From here, our love of gold and fine jewellery was born.

Whilst travelling around India, we fell in love with the beauty of Jaipur, and quickly discovered that it has a rich history with jewellery. We felt passionate that it was right to come full circle, reflecting our heritage, by working with carefully selected jewellery ateliers.

All jewellery is designed by us sisters in East London, and created in Jaipur where skilled artisans work their magic to make each individual piece come alive.