STELLAR: “Relating to a star or stars”        

79: “Atomic number for gold


Meet the Founders

STELLAR 79 is a luxury British demi-fine jewellery brand created by sisters Natasha and Sheena. Based in East London, the sisters draw inspiration for their collections from their own experience and interest in fashion and beauty, as well as their combined passion for travel, art and culture. This teamed with their rich diverse Trinidadian and Mauritian Indian heritage and love of jewellery, STELLAR 79 was created.

About STELLAR 79

Natasha and Sheena have designed vibrant, eclectic and inspired wearable pieces made from 18 karat gold vermeil. Offering contemporary styles, mixed with semi-precious stones and exquisite craftmanship, the collection gives you distinctive pieces which can be layered or worn individually to reflect your own style, 24/7.

Brand Values

The sisters believe in empowering women, embracing individuality and expression of style. By wearing their jewellery, they hope you will feel beautiful, confident, strong and inspired.

STELLAR 79 jewellery is created with passion and integrity. Each piece is made with a conscience, adhering to strict ethical guidelines, using the finest quality ethically sourced gemstones and being environmentally friendly, using recyclable packaging.

All jewellery is designed by the sisters in London and is hand-made in Jaipur, India where skilled artisans, work their magic to make each individual piece come alive.


Being strong believers in equal opportunities, and that all children, despite their gender, deserve the right to an education, Natasha and Sheena are proud to support the charity Educate Girls.

Educate Girls is dedicated to empowering and helping underprivileged girls in rural India gain an education and in turn make a stand against gender inequality. They aim to achieve behavioural, social and economic transformation for all girls to help lift them and their families out of poverty.

With every sale of the ‘Stellar Studs’ STELLAR 79 will donate 10% of the profits to Educate Girls.